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Space Murder

Half Hour Comedy 
Written by: 
Ana-Marija Stojic & Roger Bainbridge

From their youngest’s first period to their first election, everything happens for the very first time when it happens on Mars. One day the peaceful oasis is ruined by its first crime when a body washes up on shore. Now they have a new first; their first investigation into a potential murder. The story follows our bumbling lead detective, Maricris as she’s paired up with a savvy Earthling, Charlotte, to crack the case.

Love In The Time Of Corona

TV Pilot
Written by:
Ana-Marija Stojic

Love in the Time of Corona is a dark comedy that blends current events with magic realism to bring a story of self-love, romance and friendship. Kristina, an oddball 20-something year old aspiring actor moves to LA right before the current COVID-19 pandemic. She simultaneously has found the love of her life and needs to figure out what she needs to do to stay safe in these insane times. It doesn’t help that she constantly oscillates between being anxious about dying and wishing she were dead.

Artificial The Show Pilot

Digital Series
Created by: Ana-Marija Stojic & Akim Milne

A late night style talk show co-hosted by a human and an AI. It follows the progression of a relationship between comedian Ana-Marija Stojic and her new co-host, a real functioning Artificial Intelligence robot. The two work on hosting an absurdly hilarious talk show and invite various character guests to join them.

Artificial The Show Demo watch here


For the style of the show think the Eric Andre show meets the subtlety of Zach Galifinakis Between Two Ferns. We will have a combination of scripted and unscripted segments in order to give it that insanely uncomfortable and hilarious feel that can only come from authentic reactions. This will be combined with tightly scripted bits with special guests.

Boys Camp

Half Hour Narrative Podcast 
Written by: 
Ana-Marija Stojic & Roger Bainbridge

The girls of Camp Hehewuti had all heard the rumors of the boys’ camp across the lake, but no one ever had the guts to investigate until tonight. After lights out, five friends trek out in stolen canoes in search of a little mischief, but they find something much more terrifying. The boys camp is there, sure enough, but the girls find it completely ransacked and abandoned. Cries for help start echoing from the woods. As they venture deeper into the woods, they discover an evil, seductive, shapeshifting force that plays on all their insecurities as young women. A closeted girl is approached by a charming older woman. A girl who has recently discovered masturbation is shamed by an apparition of her fantasy person. This is puberty as Stephen King monster. They will have to confront the most confusing, embarrassing and painful parts of themselves to survive the night.


TV Pilot
Written by:
Ana-Marija Stojic & Jordanne Brown

Fuckboy definition from Urban Dictionary: “Asshole boy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and let her down.” “Fckgirls” follows three women in their 20’s as they try to have sex without attachment and SMASH THE PATRIARCHY. The girls develop a “fckgirls manifesto,” a collection of rules for the modern feminist. And they decide to take on “those guys”. The guys who make the patriarchy something they despise: “The guy who talks down to the waitress”, the “guy who seems like he is on your side but isn’t”, “The guy who thinks your skirt is so nice he just can’t keep it to himself, sweetheart”. They master the art of ghosting, one night stands, and overall not giving a fuck, but they’ve still got a lot to learn.

Skylar & Edgar

Animated TV Show
Written by:

Ana-Marija Stojic

Skylar & Edgar is a 22 minute animated scripted show for young audiences 11-17 years of age. The show follows our hero, Skylar, a 16 yr old high schooler, as they try to find and save their best friend Edgar, a 17 yr old high school dropout,  from the world under the ocean where he’s been missing for the last year. 

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