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The Beaverton

"In honor of election Baskin-Robbins now offering only 2 flavors of shitty ice cream" Read article

"Man who said 'Believe All Women' clarifies he did not mean the ones accusing him." Read article


"Webster’s dictionary changes definition of ‘sarcasm’ to ‘I totally meant what I said but now I got in trouble for it so I’m going to backpedal’" Read article

“Hey girl, Class of ’08”: 5 ways to tell if the girl from your high school is messaging you about a cult"
Read article


"I support free speech unless someone tells me I am wrong" Editorial by JK Rowling Read article

"Local woman unsure what to do with hands during conversation casually cups own breast" Read article

"Impatient sous chef pre shakes water for it to boil faster" Read article


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