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Upcoming Workshop:
Saturdays in May 2022

Build Your Own Website

Have you ever wanted to make a website but don't know how to code, worry about how expensive it may be, or perhaps you just want an easier way? Comedy Hype is here to help with this Learn How To Build Your Website. We’ll take you through the step-by-step process of how to create your own in minutes.

Comedic Pilots

We will be taking a look at everything from submitting to festivals, meeting the industry without getting screwed over, writing pilots and web shorts and the art of writing, writing, writing and more writing

Creating Actionable Goals

Here we will help you set achievable goals, create an actionable plan to accomplish those goals and provide tools to achieve them. This workshop will push you past your self-doubt and equip you with the necessary tools needed to attain your goals & motivate. We'll do a few goal seting exercises to help you get started, then create an action plan so you can leave with some game plans in hand.

Importance of Mindset

This workshop will help you get your mind right. Learn how to use Mantras, mindset work, and a wealth of selfcare tools to see you through the day & the madness around you. Teaches you how to get your mind right and eliminate your performance limiting beliefs so that you can start getting what you want out of life.

Make Contacts without a Manager

Making the right contacts is one of the most important parts of advancing your career as a comedian. Learn how to navigate the comedy industry, make the contacts you need and maintain them. No need for a manager or agent when you use this tool.

Making Comedy Videos

Want to make your own comedy videos? Our workshop will show you the basics of how to frame, light and sound your videos. Get tips on what you need to make one video and then how to turn it into multiple videos for social media platforms. Make sure your style is right for each platform. Find out what kind of social media presence works best.

Satirical Headlines

We'll get you writing headlines like a pro. In this section of the workshop you'll learn how to write funnier headlines for satirical newspapers and online content. We cover what it takes to be a headline writer and where you can submit to get your work considered.

Premises, Joke Writing and Sketches

Bring in a premise, and we’ll show you how you would turn that into a standup joke or sketch, helping you define your voice as a writer, and get the laughs! And how to convert your live sketches to online and your online sketches to live. This workshop helps you discover your unique comic voice and how to get it out of your head and onto the page.


Discover actionable steps to help you have a successful comedy career without wasting time on the wrong things (trust me, we know).

Workshop Facilitators


Ana-Marija Stojic

Ana-Marija is a versatile comedian, writer, and actor. Most recently she performed in the Just For Laughs Originals taping at Dynasty Typewriter in 2021, listen to the album here. Her original screenplay, Stefan, was a finalist and placed in several competitions in 2021/22. She was also a staff writer for The Beaverton, an online satire news site, in 2020.

Ana-Marija performed at the pre-show for Adam Sandler's performance in Toronto 2019.  She did her first TV taping at Winnipeg Comedy Festival that aired on CBC in 2020 and was featured in NBC Showcase in the Women in Comedy Festival Boston 2018. Her completely improvised, multi-cam, live switched sitcom she developed called APT 205 was selected as a pitch finalist at Stareable Fest in NYC 2019.

Most recently she started a partnership with Beams on her original podcast, Late Night with Robot. 


Sam Jae Montoya

Sam Jae Montoya  is a comedy writer, performer and producer from Long Beach, CA. 

Sam has performed at San Francisco Sketch fest, Austin Sketch Fest and his television script "Man of the house" was selected to be performed on I'm a pilot at the pack theater in Hollywood CA. 

Sam can be seen in six episodes of "Neil, Patrick and Harris" on Elizabeth Bank's comedy website Sam also performs monthly sketch shows At the pack theater. 

His most recent job was working for Kast Media where he acted as a producer for several scripted and unscripted podcasts on the kast media podcast network. 
His first solo show will be performed later this year with the help of soaring solo studios.

Pricing: $200 - For entire workshop

*Note: Classes have limited capacity for maximum engagement

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