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This sketch series follows the hilarity that ensues from the inadvertent intimacies between neighbours. The first season has 4 episodes that were released on CBC Comedy Digital in 2018. You can watch each individual episode by following these links (Noisy Neighbours, Laundry Peak Hours, Hallways, Room for Rent) or through the CBC platform online by clicking the button below.


on CBC

Apt. 205

APT.205 is a completely improvised 22 minute sitcom live streamed on Twitch. Developed by Ana-Marija Stojic and Elvis Deane, APT. 205 uses switchboards and multi-cams to capture a completely improvised sitcom about a group of friends living together. APT. 205 was an official selection at Stareable Fest NYC 2019 for their Pitch Competition with Vice and Comedy Central! 


Tired of Netflix and chill, two friends in their mid-20s, ANA-MARIJA and JORDANNE, decide to take the carnage that is their dating lives into their own hands; to give the guys they date a taste of their own medicine.  A tale of friendship and self discovery. Written by Ana-Marija Stojic and Jordanne Brown.

An original webseries that has also since become a podcast that was featured on iTunes "New and Noteworthy" page. The series was an official selection of The Great Canadian Sketch Comedy Festival 2018.

Featured in a number of episodes of the popular series on CBC Comedy Digital, Torontopia. Below are links to the episodes including Government Weed Dispensaries, Trinity Bellwoods Park Council and Cyclists Rage Counselling

Featured in

Late Night with Robot is the first podcast of its kind co-hosted by an Artificial Intelligence robot. Our AI loves to play pretend so in each episode I interview the AI as it takes on a new persona from a historical figure we want to know more about. Ever wanted to get the dirt on Amelia Earhart? Well, now you can!


Technical assistance for the AI provided by Good Robot Monitoring Inc.

Post-production services by Akim Milne

A Beams Original Audio Series (1080 × 1080 px).png

Late Night with Robot


Swordface Comics

Swordface is a superhero who has a sword for a face!

Follow us on Instagram or Reddit at /user/iamstojiccomedy for the latest! 

Illustrations by Tyson Bodnarchuk,

Story by Ana-Marija Stojic

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